My nature-inspired purchases

As I often do when I have a good month selling on Etsy,
I did some shopping there back in October.

I bought two pairs of earrings from Dutch Touch Beads,
planning on keeping one set for myself
and sharing the other with my sister for her birthday.

Little did I know my sister can only wear gold earrings,
so now I get to keep both the acorns and the pinecones.

I asked Jenni to make her a necklace with pinecones instead.
Just look at the stunning results above --
and check out the other photos of the necklace here.

All these pieces may have been made in the Pacific Northwest
but they certainly fit in here in the Adirondacks too.

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Jenni said...

Thank you Julie for your kind words about my jewelry. I'm so pleased you are happy with your purchase. Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.