Ulster Championships, Lisburn, Northern Ireland

Can you tell I was missing my own boys when we attended
the Ulster Champsionships in Lisburn, Northern Ireland?

The blond and red-headed kids were so cute,
how could I resist photographing them?

Shadows caught my eye too.
The grass was a bright emerald green and
when the sun came out, the shadows so crisp.

There is my boy, second from the left, in the Oran Mor drumline.

Bagpiping is definitely a family affair over there.
All the bands had their own entourages
of young pipers, drummers and drum majors.

The boy in the back on the right flourished his tenor sticks
right along with the band as they competed.

These two listened intently for the subtle nuances
that separate the best bands in the world.

Our band marching in.

The table of hardware for winners was impressive.

My husband is also a drum major.
All of these youngsters were amazingly good.

Time for the official band photograph.

Made dash for the potties after massed bands.

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of Northern Ireland days, click here.

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