Dog days of summer

Summer is passing me by -- but for good reason. I spent the first half getting ready for our trip to Scotland and now that we are home, I am getting caught up with things here before the kids go back to school in 3 weeks. After that, I promise to be better about blogging, both writing and reading others. I really miss it.

I got all 1,5000 photos I took up onto Flickr this morning and will start now to share some favorites here but if you'd like to see them all, you can look at the whole collection on Flickr.

First up, the dogs we came across. American dogs have poor manners compared to their counterparts across the pond. I guess it is because they were originally used as working dogs and had to listen to commands off leash. We saw them everywhere we went on and off lead, waiting for their owners outside of shops, working and playing. Inspires me to better train Alice.

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skmoppet said...

i think it is a kind of chicken/egg thing, where when dogs are allowed in general society more, they behave better, and when they behave better they are allowed in society more. i noticed this a lot when i lived in nyc, and everyone, myself included, takes their dogs to the post office, the store, even to church!