Crochet is portable

Good thing I can bring a bit of yarn and a crochet hook with me wherever I go -- it lets me relax and feel creative while we are all out and about. Which seems to be all the time lately. Here are my latest finished projects, all made from thrifted yarns:

Not one, but two yellow scarves. This one is made from a super-soft babyweight yarn.

This one is a bit chunkier, but short since I ran out of yarn.

Had 4 skeins of this nice chocolate brown. Was planning on making a baby blanket but couldn't follow the pattern well enough and decided to stop with a thick scarf.

After making a second scarf that turned out nicer than the first...

I made the hat to match (and have since made two baby hats from the same yarn).

Also had time to use my the rest of the Etsy-bought alpaca yarns on a dolly blanket.

Doubled up the tan and pink for a nice effect.

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