Making a point

Quite a few vendors on Etsy found a good way to make a point about how much the CPSIA changes will affect them, and more importantly, the people who purchase their products.

They are listing some of the wares they make for children with the fees they would be required to pay for each component. That is $70 for lead testing and $350 phthalates testing for each and every element that goes into the item, including the little things like thread, buttons, and stuffing.

An adorable crocheted elephant hat with 7 components which used to cost $50, will cost you $2,940 after CPSIA goes into effect Feb. 10th.

If you want this tangerine halter dress for your toddler, better buy it before the law goes into effect or it will cost you $2,100.

You'll have to add a whopping $4,200 to the original $29 cost of this brightly-colored wooden butterfly mobile.

How about a bib for baby? This one with a starfish applique can be had for $2,520, but hey it is reversible and was a 2008 Etsy Handmade Kids Finalist. Totally worth it!

0ooh, I want this giant fleece ball. It's CPSIA-compliant, meaning I can be assured my kids will be safe playing with it, but it will cost me $5910.

Looking at the crocheted kids' beanies I have for sale on Etsy, they'll cost you $1,680 -- a real deal since they only have 4 components. The crazy thing is most likely, the two yarns, button and thread don't pose any lead or phthalate risk to begin with. And that is why this law is asinine.


Christy said...

What country is this anyway?

Stephanie said...

Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your great idea for my top. I never even considered trying alter it. I will definitely play around with it!! Thanks.

I don't understand your post here about Etsy. I can say that I assume it's the government trying to mess things up as usual, I'll have to come back and see your future posts....besides, I love your music list, I need to check out the entire thing!

Nice to meet you!!