Etsy shop update

I've been busy over in my Etsy store.

Recently I listed...

Yummy scarfs, priced very reasonably because
I used thrifted yarns, much of it wool blends of angora, etc.

Adorable little girl flowered beanies
with petal-like rim of my own design.

A collection of dress shoes, not sure of the age,
but most in like new condition.

Dandelion Library flip books -- two stories in one.
Just flip it over.

Vintage knitting and crochet pattern books
(with more to come soon).


I moved many more items to the NOW HALF OFF section,
including how-to books, jewelry from grandma's stas
and now that we are a month past the holiday,
all of the vintage Christmas category.


This week, I'll be listing more fun vintage finds,
most reflecting diverse European culture --
Dutch, Scandinavian, Swiss, etc....


I'm also putting up dozens of small reversible lunch bag/totes
made from sample Waverly bonded Glosheen fabrics
like I used here. (I just love the graphic quality they have
and had a hard time narrowing down which ones
to show you, can you tell?)

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