Pointy gnome hats

Don't know which is keeping me busier --
spinning yarn or making baby hats with it.
Both are so much fun!

One of my earliest successful skeins was from
a bit of red alpaca blend that I bought at a show last year.

 It needed some more length so I added white trim.
The other two were made with handspun yarn from The Fine Lime.

Each one is $30 including shipping.

Two more gnome hats in masculine colors and 3 month size.
Made of my own handspun yarns.
$30 each including shipping.

  These are gnome hats made with store-bought yarns.
Two newborn sizes and the green one a 3-6 month size.
$20 each including shipping.

More newborn-sized gnome hats in a rainbow of colors.
$20 each including shipping.

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