Off my hook

I've been busy making small items with my hooks and yarn.
So satisfying to finish a piece within minutes instead of hours.
I just end up making many multiples of the same things.
All are perfect for using up last little bits of yarn.

First, it was many colors of baby booties.
 I once tried to make them from a pattern that
worked in the round but this one made of straight rows
and then folded in half was so much faster.
And just as cute!

I've always loved these full and round rosettes
but never knew how they were created.
All you have to do is crochet 3 relatively simple rows
and then roll and sew to hold them in place.
They look great on hats or headbands
or anything you want to give a feminine touch.

With a nod to spring, I used some pretty cottons
to create textured scrubbies in granny square stitches.
They can be used to wash your face or your dishes.
I like them best to scrub vegetables, then toss in the laundry.

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