The Holy Grail of yarn

For awhile now I've been hearing heroic tales
about ventures to the magical Hobby Lobby.
 Since it was from a group of crocheters,
I mainly heard about the bounty of yarn there.

Many months after the semi-local store opened
I was finally able to visit last weekend.

I wasn't too impressed when I first walked in
and all I saw were the rows upon rows
of seasonal decor and home accents.

Then I saw it -- my Holy Grail!!!
Tucked way in the back corner were
row upon row of multi-colored yarns.

I fell instantly in love, especially with
the large clearance section along one wall.
Keeping my home stash and tight budget in mind,
I narrowed my purchase to just 4 skeins of yarns.

Really yummy hues of Stitch Nation's bamboo ewe --
55% viscose from bamboo, 45% wool in
Beach Glass, Mercury, Eucalyptus and Geranium.

I'm thinking a matching hat and scarf 
if I can find any patterns I like.
Anyone with suggestions, pass them my way please.

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