Silver on my birthday

My birthday present to myself was to spend Saturday
out of the house -- alone -- doing what I wanted to do.
All possible thanks to my loving husband,
I visited a gift shop that features local crafts,
a large thrift store and a small flea market.

My favorite finds, by far, were the two boxes
of mixed silverplate flatware from the thrift store.
I took a risk in buying them but after looking them up
on replacements.com, I saw that my hunch paid off.

Half of them are in  Red Hen Studios Etsy shop already.
Marked "Harmony House Plate AA+," they date to 1944
and are all in the Serenade Pattern by Wallace Silver.

Nine Butter Knives

Five Iced Tea Spoons

Five Teaspoons Serenade by Wallace Silver 1944
(there is also a separate set of 6 available)

Six Place or Oval Soup Spoons

Six Forks Serenade

Eight Salad Forks

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