Christmas already?

Yes, I know it is only Halloween.
The kids can't wait to go out trick or treating!
This isn't about the  holiday items already filling store shelves
or that this past Friday was dubbed the "New Black Friday."

We have a bit of Christmas in our home already!
A few weeks ago I moved all our plants back in
from the porch,  including multiple Christmas cacti plants.
And just look at them bloom!!!

I thought maybe they were budding so well because
I separated them into new pots back in spring.
They've never looked this good all at once.
In fact, the red ones were my great aunt's
that have looked pretty raggedy since I inherited them.

Turns out all it took was bringing them inside that did it.
Cooler temperatures, plus less light exposure here
in my office made them think it was winter already.

If you are looking to time yours for the holidays,
here are some tips.
As for me, I'm just happy they are blooming at all.
Maybe next year I will try to get them to come out later.

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