Back to my crocheting roots

When my sister taught me to crochet
a few years ago she had me making dishcloths.
Simple squares of single crochet that were much more
advanced than the chains I could make as a child.

I've come a long way, baby, teaching myself
a variety of stitches and applications for crochet --
scarves, afghans, brooches, hats, booties and even felted bowls.

A simple mention on Twitter about my current project
led to an order for ten 7"-square cotton dishcloths.
It was nice to get back to my crocheting roots.

These are now on their way to Nebraska (thanks, Vesta!),
while I'm making some more for our kitchen.
Anyone else need some? $2 each!

PS While that might look like beer in the photos,
it is actually dishwashing liquid, lol.

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