Yarning away my stay

Whoa, once again more than a month
has elapsed since my last post.

In my defense, we've had a lot going on --
preparations for and a trip to Scotland,
 sending the oldest boy off to college and,
now, getting the younger ones ready for school.

Before our vacation overseas,
I spent a week in a hotel suite as the chaperone
for a gaggle of boys at band camp.

Perfect for indulging in my new favorite pastime,
spinning wool, and my old standby, crocheting.
I did both in the room, by the pool and basically
anywhere I needed to be to keep an eye on my charges.

Even with needing to supervise their high-energy fun,
I had time to spin three skeins of yarn
And get a start on a granny square baby afghan.

Can't wait to volunteer again next year.
It was rough. :-)


Bagpipes (and drums) are our life

We've spent most of the last nine summers.
involved in the pipe band community.
That's half of the time we have been parents as our oldest
is now 18 and heading to college.

That's him, third from left, playing snare for Oran Mor,
one of only a few Grade One bands from the United States.

My piper just turned 14 and has been playing for about 4 years.
He's the tall one in the back.

And our newest competitior, is the 10yo tenor drummer.
He's the one with the wild hair in the center.

And here is the youngest who is six.
He has time to decide which instrument he wants to play,
but for now he is a banner carrier.


Before and after

Here is a more extensive Photoshop edit than I usually do.
He moved too fast for me to get the strap out of the way,
so it had to be removed electronically.
Can you spot what else I removed?


What a real beauty!

Every time we go out of town, particularly for parades,
I'm on the lookout for fixer-uppers for sale.

This one caught my eye the minute I saw
the three levels of porches through the trees.

Most definitely a fixer-upper, that's for sure.
But what potential it has!

The porches wrap around all four sides,
including the one that faces the lake.

Sadly it is way out of my price range,
unless I win the lottery or get adopted by someone very wealthy.


Pointy gnome hats

Don't know which is keeping me busier --
spinning yarn or making baby hats with it.
Both are so much fun!

One of my earliest successful skeins was from
a bit of red alpaca blend that I bought at a show last year.

 It needed some more length so I added white trim.
The other two were made with handspun yarn from The Fine Lime.

Each one is $30 including shipping.

Two more gnome hats in masculine colors and 3 month size.
Made of my own handspun yarns.
$30 each including shipping.

  These are gnome hats made with store-bought yarns.
Two newborn sizes and the green one a 3-6 month size.
$20 each including shipping.

More newborn-sized gnome hats in a rainbow of colors.
$20 each including shipping.


Recent photography

It has been a wonderful summer here so far. 
So much time spent out of doors,
at Scottish festivals, parades, the lake
and just generally enjoying nature.
Here are my favorite shots from the past month.
(Click each image for a larger view.)


Second attempt at spinning

What an improvement with my second attempt at spinning. 
Thinner and more even yarn.
No more of that thick-and-thin yarn
unless that is what I am going for specifically.

 I've had the lime green roving since last fall
and brought the bamboo silk yarn more recently
with plans to make myself a shawl.

Amazing results when the two of them are plied together!

And the resulting scarf is thick and cushy
and shimmery all at the same time.
I can't wait for it to be done and for when I can wear it.